United Airlines To Fly Planes Powered By Food Scraps, Animal Fat & Farm Waste

United AirlinesI just came across some very interesting info on a way that United Airlines plans to save some money while also going a bit green.

United plans to “fly planes powered by a biofuel made from food scraps (among other household waste), farm waste and animal fat” according to Grub Street.

This sounds like a great way to take recycling to a new level. Continue reading

An Odd Club Carlson Credit Card Bonus Offer

Club Carlson Credit Card

With the Club Carlson credit card second night free benefit ending at the beginning of last month, Gold Points have lost a significant amount of value.

Besides losing this great benefit, to top it off, the amount of points needed to redeem for a free night have also gone up at many properties.

Kim recently got an offer for her Club Carlson credit card which seemed a bit odd. Continue reading

JetBlue T5 Rooftop Opens For All At JFK

JetBlue T5

image: JetBlue

Back in 2013 Delta opened a nice outdoor space at the Sky Club at JFK Airport called the Sky Deck. Check out my post about it here.

While I enjoyed visiting the Sky Deck, I haven’t been back since I haven’t flown much out of T4 and also no longer have access to the lounge…

Today was a big day at JFK Airport as a new outdoor space opened by JetBlue at T5. Best of all is that the T5 Rooftop is open to all- no lounge membership or status needed! Continue reading

Photo Ban Lifted On White House Tours

White House Tours

I don’t know about you but when I hear that photos aren’t allowed when visiting museums or other attractions it almost makes me not want to visit. For me, getting photos of sites is a fun part of the experience and of course I love to have them to remember what I saw and did.

Some sites might charge a small fee to take photos which I don’t mind so much but no photos at all is annoying… If the reason for photos not being allowed is due to the camera’s flash causing damage then I get it… Continue reading

BBC Quiz- Why Do You Travel?

BBC Travel

We all travel for a variety of reasons…

Some of you might travel to relax while others are busy exploring a place, getting a good feel for the destination.

BBC Travel wonders why people travel in a new “Quiz: Why Do You Love the World?

I find it hard to answer why I love to travel but it’s probably my favorite thing to do. I love getting away, exploring & getting to know new places, trying new foods and then there’s the excitement of the unknown.  Continue reading

Plane Crashes Into Home Killing 3 Aboard

Plane Crashed

image: screen capture from AP video

Last night a small plane crashed into a house in Plainville, Massachusetts killing all three onboard. Luckily those inside the home got out safely.

The plane, a Beechcraft BE36 had taken off from Lancaster Airport in Pennsylvania and was heading to Norwood Memorial Airport in Massachusetts when it crashed around 5:45pm last night. Continue reading

REDcard Debit Loads, Check Planes for Cats, UA Passengers Sleep at Airport, Free Amex Offers Money, Omni Berkshire NYC, Tasty Burgers & More-The Rehash!


Hello all! We’re currently on our first trip of the summer and writing from Nicaragua!

Our flight on Copa left quite early (or late depending on how you look at it) at 2:00 AM on Saturday morning.  We flew in business class which was actually quite comfortable and allowed us all to get a lot of sleep during our quick 5 hour flight to Panama. We had a 3 hour layover before flying the additional hour or so to Managua… Continue reading