Remember To Use Your 8,000 FREE Spirit Miles

Back in July, Spirit ran a very interesting and generous promotion Giving Away 1,000,000,000 Miles. Through the promo, each Spirit member could receive 8,000 FREE SPIRIT Miles by filling out a form and complaining about any airline. This was definitely an easy task.

My Share of the Miles posted like clockwork, just when Spirit said they would but I’ve yet to do anything with them since. Continue reading

Back to The Balkans- Day 1: 20 Hours in Berlin

Trip Planning: Back to The Balkans

To start off our trip Back to The Balkans we had a layover of 20+ hours in Berlin. Besides spending the night at a hotel close to the airport, we also had around a half-day to wander around the city.

We had a really nice time during our visit to Berlin last September (including seeing some Amazing Art at the Berlin Wall) so we didn’t mind the time in the city.

We didn’t really arrive with much of a plan besides heading over to one museum that we missed back in September. We decided to head over to the area around Checkpoint Charlie and figure it out from there.

Here is how we spent our time: Continue reading

Most Visited Countries in the World

image from Thrillist

I’ve never really thought much about what the most visited countries in the world would be. I do know that France and the United States are usually at the top of the list though.

If I had to guess which other countries would rank highly, I’d go with the U.K., Spain and hmmm I don’t know if I really have any other good guesses! Let’s go with the Czech Republic since it seems like so many people have visited Prague.

Thrillist wrote an article about Most Visited Countries in the World which was based on the UNWTO Tourism Highlights 2014 edition. Continue reading

Are Timeshare Presentations Worth the Perks? + Interesting Offer

Before you jump to conclusions, let’s get this out-of-the-way. I am not saying that buying a timeshare is a good idea or that I would ever consider buying one- I wouldn’t.

However, Kim and I have attended some presentations to take advantage of various deals. At the presentations I’ve always been upfront and let them know that I am not interested and only have only come for the offer.

This usually annoys the salesperson and it is definitely funny to see how quickly their bubbly personality changes. Continue reading

Southwest Turns Aisle Into Runway in the Sky

image from Southwest video

Some fun, strange and surprising things can happen during flights.

Last year I wrote a post about the FAA Investigating Harlem Shakes On A Plane and earlier this year the cast of the The Lion King sang during a flight in Australia.

How about being surprised by a special show during a flight! Continue reading

United Dining 10,000 Miles Bonus Offer Extended

If you received the targeted United MileagePlus Dining offer back in early July and have been working towards earning the bonus, you should’ve received some good news.

In early July I received a targeted offer which had the potential to earn me 10,000 bonus United miles. To earn the miles I’d have to dine out 10 times while spending $40 each time by mid-August.  Continue reading

Delta Ordered Over 222,000,000… in 2013

DeltaLogoIt always seems to be a fun time when snacks are given out during a flight. Maybe it’s not exactly fun but it is a good way to break up the boredom and have something to do. These days it seems like a big surprise or better yet, a reward when snacks are offered due to how stingy the airlines have become.

The funniest part of receiving  an airline snacks is the fact that it’s probably not even something that you really wanted! Did I really need that tiny bag of pretzels? What happened to the honey roasted flavor that used to come with my peanuts?  Continue reading

Forget Airbnb, Celebrity Homes You Can Rent

Harry Houdini’s Home

Airbnb has opened up a ton of possibilities to us when it comes to places to stay while traveling. Sometimes traditional hotels can be way too pricey, not that exciting or budget options just seem plain bad.

With Airbnb, we’ve found some great places to stay at a very fair price. Check out my post about Our Awesome Experience during our first stay using Airbnb in Singapore. Continue reading