NYC L Train Shutdown, UberPool To The Rescue


When it comes to fun promotions and capitalizing or helping out with bad situations, Uber seems to know how to make it work for them.

Uber first caught my eye due to wacky promos like delivering kittens to snuggle for 15 minutes, christmas trees on demand and air conditioners in NYC.

They’ve also received a lot of attention due to their surge pricing model. While many are against this technique, loyal riders like it since it creates more opportunities to get a car during busier times…

With the New York City MTA shutting down L train service for the next five weekends, Uber is trying to help out a bit. Continue reading

Koalas Check Out Qantas First Class

qantas first classMany of you have heard of the movie Snakes on a Plane and  there have been a couple of incidents this year of scorpions on a plane. You can read about them here and here.

Now there are koalas on a plane…

To celebrate Singapore’s 50th anniversary of independence, four cuddly and cute koalas were gifted to the country by Lone Pine Sanctuary in Brisbane, Australia. Continue reading

Earn 2,500 Bonus Points With Southwest Shopping

Southwest Shopping

When shopping online I hope that all of you stop by a shopping portal to see what you can earn for your purchases.

We’re given a variety of options with airline portals, hotel portals and cash back sites. If you aren’t one that travels much, your best bet will most likely be the cash back options.

Southwest Airlines is currently offering a bonus for shopping through their portal. Continue reading

14 Things We Learned From Visiting Myanmar (Burma)

Myanmar Burma

Jumping at Thisa-Wadi, Bagan

Kim, Lucas and I got back from our trip to Myanmar (Burma) earlier in the week.

This trip felt like a real adventure. Maybe it was partly due to Lucas telling us he wanted to go discover more while we wandered and climbed around temple ruins and other sites around the country!

We had a great time and created lots of new memories which we’ll never forget in possibly one of the friendliest countries that we’ve ever visited. Continue reading

Win $500 + 4 Round-Trip Tickets from Megabus

Megabus Promo

In the past Kim and I have found Megabus and other similar bus companies to be a good option to get to places just a few hours away. One time we even took a really long overnight ride from NYC to Toronto.

From time to time Megabus offers free tickets where all you have to pay is a .50¢ service fee. Check out a review of the last time I took Megabus back in 2013.

Megabus is currently running a contest (which ends in just a few days) where one lucky winner will win four roundtrip tickets and $500 cash! Continue reading

1,000+ Miles For AA Elites with Avis/ Budget Rentals

American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

Avis and Budget are the preferred car rental partners of American Airlines.

Now Avis & Budget are “offering even more for your rental“.

I received an e-mail from AAdvantage that as a Platinum or Gold member (I have lifetime Gold), I will now earn a minimum of 1,000 miles for every qualifying rental with Avis and Budget. Continue reading

Cancer Patient Kicked Off Alaska Airlines Flight

alaska airlines flight

screen capture: Huff Post Live video

While I was away in Myanmar I came across an article about an unfortunate reason a passenger was kicked off of a flight.

When I first read the title, I definitely felt bad for the passenger. However, after reading the article I wasn’t sure if I would side with the passenger or the airline.

So why was this passenger kicked off? Continue reading

Southwest’s New Specialty Livery: Missouri One

Southwest airlines planes

image: Nuts About Southwest

Back in the middle of 2013 I wrote a post about Southwest’s Specialty Fleet.

The fleet included a bunch of planes with interesting and unique liveries. A few of them were part of the SeaWorld fleet which I believe are no longer around since the partnership ended last summer.

Southwest also has nine liveries dedicates to US states. Continue reading

$20 Off When Paying With OpenTable

OpenTable App(Don’t forget to vote in my poll: Is it wrong to take amenity kits when flying in coach?)

I love using OpenTable when dining out since it’s another easy way to get something back.

There are times when we’ve earned points with OpenTable, miles/ points from one of the many dining programs and (obviously) earned points for charging our meal. This method can be a nice way to triple-dip when it comes to miles & points earning…

OpenTable recently introduced a new way to pay through their app and yesterday I received a very nice offer to give it a try. Continue reading

Poll: Is It Wrong To Take Amenity Kits When Flying In Coach

amenity kit

A couple of weeks back I wrote a post asking, Have You Taken An Amenity Kit When Flying Coach?

In the past (on a few occasions), I’ve taken a kit while exiting the plane so no, I don’t think it’s wrong.

In the post I mentioned that “I consider that what I did was actually help them (flight attendants) clean up the aircraft. The kits were opened and not useable anymore so why would it matter if I took something that would most likely go in the garbage!” Continue reading