11 Hair-Raising Sites Around the World

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Happy Halloween to everyone! I hope you have a spooky and fun day.

As a little kid the day was quite special due to the large amounts of candy we’d love to collect while going door to door. (I also enjoyed ringing people’s door bells many times if they weren’t quick to answer their door!)

These days, I can’t say that I care much about Halloween but Lucas is actually excited to dress up this year. Kim made costumes for us, (We bought Lucas’). Mine is actually just a shirt but it’s related to one of the things I am quite interested in when traveling catacombs and bones.

Yes, we’ll all be skeletons for Halloween. How creative! Continue reading

Southwest Offering Free Drinks for Halloween

southwest airlines customer service

Southwest Airlines seems to really get it when it comes to customer service.

They offer a Really Cool Perk for Kids, which Lucas was able to get after I inquired about it a few times. They’ve done some fun in-air stunts like Turning an Aisle Into a Runway in the Sky and they always seem to be running giveaways for free trips..

Overall, after flying Southwest numerous times in the past few years, we find their staff to be some of the friendliest in the industry. Continue reading

Slower Year for CC Churning, Another 50K Approval Helps

citi aadvantage card2014 has been one of my most conservative years that I can recall when it comes to applying for credit cards. This has been intentional.

As everyone knows, the easiest way to earn lots of miles and points is by signing up for credit cards, earning lots of lucrative bonus offers. However, in many ways it’s gotten harder for me… Continue reading

Where Should You Go in 2015? Take the Quiz

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How do you decide where to go on your next trip?

Do you pick a place based on a mistake airfare deal or award flight availability? Maybe you have a mental list of places you’ve always wanted to go and just work your way through it. Could it be that some of you close your eyes, spin the globe and see where you point to? Not likely on that last option!

When deciding where we go on trips, there are a bunch of variables we look at. Continue reading

The Worst Biz Class Amenity Kit Ever

amenity kitDon’t forget to enter my giveaway: Win 1 of 3 Free Gogo Inflight Internet Sessions.

At the end of the summer, Kim, Lucas and I flew home from our trip back to the Balkans in business class on Finnair.

We  typically fly in economy class so we can stretch our miles and go on more trips. However, award space home from Sofia was only available in biz so we decided to take what we could get to make the trip a reality. Continue reading

Skulls & Bones at the Catacombs in Lima

things to do in lima

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There are loads of things that interest me when it comes to travel. One of my favorite places to visit happen to be crypts, catacombs and other morbid/ ghoulish sites.

During a trip to Peru which was around 4-5 years B.L. (Before Lucas), we had a long layover in Lima during our journey back home to New York. We had 6-7 hours to get out and explore a city which we had spent the first night of our trip at, but had no time to explore besides grabbing dinner right by our hotel. Continue reading