Family Booted Off JetBlue Flight

JetBlue Flight

image: Yahoo Parenting from Mona Doshi

A family claims to have been unfairly kicked off of a JetBlue flight earlier this week according to an article from Yahoo Parenting (which Kim sent my way).

According to what was written, it appears that the reason the family got the boot was due to questioning the flight attendants and also responding in an irritated manner.

Overall, based on what I read in the article, these things wouldn’t seem to be an appropriate reason to turn a plane back to the gate and kick a family off of a flight. Continue reading

McDonald’s Nicaragua Impresses

McDonald's Nicaragua

One of the things that I have to do when visiting a new country is stop by McDonald’s. You’re probably wondering why. Well, I love checking to see if there are any locally-inspired menu items available.

While I rarely ever visit McD’s at home, I look forward to this visit during our trips! Yeah I know, you need to try the local food to really get a feel for a country. Well yes we do that too…

During our recent trip to Nicaragua, we didn’t come across a McDonald’s until close to the end of our visit. And it happened to be directly across the street from our hotel in Managua! Continue reading

You Can Now Do THIS in North Korea

North Korea Travel


It’s no secret that I’d love to visit North Korea in the near future.

There’s something about this isolated coutry that has me wondering what a trip there is like. Based on what I’ve read and heard, the trips are quite- shall I say unique since more or less, every move you make is watched since you have to travel with a chaperone.

Some popular trips to North Korea are to visit during holidays & events like the Mass Games and others visit to run the North Korea Marathon.

Here is a totally new way to visit North Korea. Continue reading

Free Wi-Fi in Japan. Kind Of…

Free WiFi Japan

A little over two years back, Kim, Lucas and I headed to Japan. While I had always wanted to go to Japan (I’d like to go everywhere!), it wasn’t a place very high on my list. However, the country blew me away and the trip greatly over-exceeded any expectations.

With Japan being a leader in developing technology, one thing that surprised me was the lack of Wi-Fi in public places and restaurants.

Well now there seems to be Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi nationwide. Kind of… Continue reading

Can You Link A Credit Card to 2 Dining Programs

rewards network

I recently wrote about sign up bonuses for a couple of airline dining programs.

While dining programs are a great way to earn extra miles/ points (which can extend the expiration date of a loyalty program), you need to remember to link credit cards to your accounts.

Miles and points earned from participating restaurants also don’t cost you anything extra. You are getting rewarded for a spend you were most likely making regardless…

This brings me to a question that I had on the post mentioned above in the comments. Continue reading

Classic Burgers at the All-American Driver-In

All American Drive In

It’s definitely no secret that burgers are one of my favorite foods.

I recently wrote about Eater’s 21 Must-East & Best Burgers in America.

At the time of writing, I had tried burgers at 7 of the places that made the list. With the most recent one being at The General Muir.

There was one place, not too far from home which I’d been wanting to try for quite some time, the All American Drive-In. Continue reading

Outrage As Public Beach Closes on French Riviera for Saudi King

French Riviera

image: BBC News from AP

Here’s a new way to piss off the locals and have a beach vacation ruined…

Forget about poor weather or maybe even reports of sharks in the water. All that was needed to close a public beach in Vallarius on the French Riviera was a visit by the King of Saudi Arabia and his entourage of around 1,000 people! Continue reading