Should I Transfer My Amex Points to BA?

American Express Membership RewardsI’ve been thinking of transferring my American Express Membership Rewards points for quite some time and now might be the time to do so.

A couple of years back I got a great offer for a new American Express card but had to fight to get my 100,000 Membership Rewards points bonus.

Besides the bonus, I also have other Membership Rewards points, some of which were transferred over the years to airlines like Continental and JetBlue.

I still have over 100,000 Membership Rewards points and Continue reading

Best Gifts for Travelers, Unique Airbnbs, Big IHG News, What Foreign Tourists Think of U.S. & More- The Rehash


A birthday has passed, we’re setting out on our final trip of 2014 later in the week and I booked a flight for us for April to a destination I’ve been itching to get to for years. Overall, this has been a really busy and fun week.

Last week I mentioned ordering a guidebook before booking the flights for a potential trip. Well the tickets are booked so the guide will get some use like I assumed it would!

I hope that everyone celebrating Hanukkah has enjoyed the holiday so far. And for those of you celebrating Christmas, I hope that you’re close to finishing up (or finished) with your holiday shopping. Continue reading

In-Flight Fight Over Crying Baby, Don’t Piss Off This Mom

babies on planes

The Matrix or in-flight fight? (image: yahoo-twitter)

In what appears to be a growing trend there seems to be more in-flight fights and arguments these days…

These situations seem to be occurring due to a lack of personal space on planes. Maybe it’s someone reclining their seat (I think they have the right to do so if they want), a lack of overhead bin space or maybe someone just being too loud. Continue reading

500 Elevate Points: Virgin America Birthday Gift

virgin america airlines

Earlier today I wrote about a very nice birthday message from Lufthansa. While the airline didn’t shower me with any gifts like free miles or a First Class Terminal Duck, their message still brought a smile to my face!

I thought I was done receiving birthday messages to my e-mail inbox until I received a nice message from my friend, Sir Richard Branson. Continue reading

10,000 Bonus IHG Points Per 2 Night Stay in NYC

ihg rewards club pointsIHG is offering a nice bonus for spending a 2 night stay in New York City.

The offer started back in September but I must’ve overlooked it since we never stay in the city.

Isn’t it ironic that I’m writing this post from the Intercontinental Times Square! (We’re staying here since we had to use Kim’s Chase IHG Anniversary Free Night before it expires.) Continue reading

What Do Foreign Tourists Think of U.S.

visit USA

Ever wonder what foreigners think of Americans or better yet, the United States as a whole?

While I have some ideas of what the generalized ugly American (while traveling or at home) might appear to look like, these ideas are usually just bad stereotypes. (To get some ideas, check out the post Worst Things Americans Say On Vacation.)

When I think of what foreigners might think of us, I’d probably guess loud, out of shape, entitled, rude and some other (not so nice) things along those lines. Continue reading

Blue Smoke Being Added To More Delta Flights

Less than two weeks back I shared some exciting news if you’re a craft beer fan and also happen to fly with Delta. Check out my post Cheers! Delta Adds More In-Flight Craft Beer Options.

Delta has seemed to be ahead of the culinary game so to speak when it comes to U.S. airlines.

They ordered 222,000,000 snacks in 2013 and the awesome T4 opened at JFK offering Shake Shack and other impressive food options. Continue reading

Find Your Paradise & Win A Flight From Air Tahiti Nui

Air Tahiti Nui

Expedia and Air Tahiti Nui have teamed up to offer a fun contest with potential to win a great prize.

The prize includes flights on Air Tahiti Nui.

Entering the contest is pretty fun since you get to take an Expedia quiz made up of 9 multiple choice questions. The quiz will help tell you your perfect getaway destination (and where you can win your flight to). Continue reading